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Aerial -Silks, Hoop/Lyra, Sling, and Freestanding Lollipop

Aerial dance is beyond captivating to all ages. Exquisite lines,poise and strength displayed well above eye level. Sun Woman Cirque can provide aerial rigging from our own freestanding 24 foot rig, or directly into a support I beam. We offer aerial performance on Aerial silks, sling, lyra, and other specialty apparatus.



Safety first. Rigging for Aerial requires pre planning well before booking. Some venues have pre existing rig points for aerialists while others do not. When direct rigging to support I beams is not accessible, we offer a free standing portable aerial rig. We also offer performance on our freestanding Lollipop hoop which has a much smaller footprint but still has the flair of aerial dance. Both of our rigs can be set up indoors or outdoors. 


Showcase & Ambiance

Aerial Performance times average between 5 and 10 minutes in the air. Showcase or stage acts are performed to a music track or with a band. Aerial acts combine musicality and dynamic trickery. These acts are sure to amaze any audience.  Ambient performance is also an option. This type of performance offers slightly longer set times and slower movements.


Set up/ Tear Down

It is important to consider location and the time frame of set up and tear down. Performance location should not be located in the hot sun, or on sand, and the ground should be fairly level. The quad rig can be set up at various heights between 13 ft and 24 ft. The footprint of the aerial rig when set up at its maximum height is 20 ft x 21ft. 


Aerial Bartending

Aerial bartending will take your event over the top. Guests will be sure to make and capture memories of our aerial dancers gracefully serving drinks from above. Its a real Gatsby moment!

Acrobatic bartending from a structural support I beam, our Aerial Rig, or from our Freestanding Lollipop.

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