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Fire Performers

Fire makes a big statement and our fire performers come with a variety of talent and props large and small. All fire performers are insured and perform with a trained fire safety on hand, meaning we wont hold back on our biggest tricks! Fire performance can be a featured act or show, and performed indoors or outdoors.


Outdoors Big Fire

Fire really brings the excitement rather your indoors or out, but BIG fire props are best suited for outdoors. Wow your guests before they enter the building, fire performers are an excellent way to decorate your entry way.

"BIG fire" is the equivalent to fire breathing without the fuels entering our bodies. BIG fire is performed with a sword, fire wand, sparkle flames, and include large props with 8 or more wicks on fire at once.


Small Fire & Specialties

Small fire props are most ideal for indoor events with some exceptions. Space is taken into consideration prior to booking.


Small fire includes props like palm torches, fire fleshing, fire eating, poi, fire orb, fire headress, and sometimes a single fire hoop.


Hire a team of two fire performers plus a Stilt Walker "on fire" to literally elevate the fire performance.


Fire Safety


Safety first, second, third, and last.

We hold performance insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency. Additional insurance certificates for are also available per request.

The appropriate space for fire shows varies. It is real fire so we do prefer to have a good amount of space. Trust me you will still feel the heat.

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