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Glowing LED Costumes and Performers

That's right! Today's technologically advanced era has given performance artists a whole new glow! Our Led performers offer a unique living light show with technical circus skill. Having an event after sunset? We have a variety of glowing led costumes and props that will be sure to light up your night!


LED Light Dancers

Mesmerizing LED dance props like hula hoops, poi, and isis wings. 


LED Stilt walkers


Personalize your LED Performers by requesting specific colors to match your logo or theme.


Choreographed group LED light shows


Led Costumes

Choose from already established themes for glowing LED costumes like futuristic or under the sea or create your own theme!


Many costumes have LED components built in if your event is at night we will be sure to let you know about these features.


Black light Performance and Body Painting

Let us

Request black light components and we are happy to accommodate bringing our own lights given electricity is provided.


Black Light face and body painting is also available.

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