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Hula Hoopers, Rings of Fire, & Hula Hoop Workshops

Hula Hoops are a crowd favorite! They are memorizing to watch you wont be able to look away. 1,2,3 hoops, and more! We juggle, dance, and even light our hoops on fire! Hula hooping is our specialty. With hoops of all sizes we even offer hula hoop workshops/play shops. Our Hula hoop entertainment is high energy, unique and memorable, you wont be disappointed.


Hula Hoop Dancers

Hire a single hoop dancer or a team of hoop dancers.


A single hoop dancer can stand out as roaming talent or as a featured performance to a soundtrack.


Book a living statue hooper and surprise your guest with pop up movements.


A team of hoop dancers is best for large scale events to make a statement with hoops. Hula hoopers know how to get the party started and elevate any situation involving live music, especially with our LEDs by night.


Fire Hoopers

Yes, real fire. We'll light between 1 and 4 hoops on fire at once. Did I mention this is our specialty?


We have the most talented fire hooping ladies in town with an average of 10 years experience.


Liabilty Insurance holders.


Hula Hoop Play Shops


We love to teach and play! Many don't know that there's plenty of hooping tricks that don't require on body hooping.

Learn introductory tricks and transitions and develop personal flow.

Great for adults and kids. Mind and Body.

Hire a character to lead your party and make it even more memorable and fun!

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