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Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walking entertainers are a great way to greet your guests as they arrive, they are magical dancing on the dance floor, and they are perfect for parades. Hire a multi talented performer who can hula hoop on stilts or go for a costume/character based performance, or both!


Parades & Characters

It's no doubt that stilt walkers stand out in a parade and they bring so much fun along with them!

Book Stilt walking to suit any theme or choose from one of our already established characters.

Greeters & Showgirls

Stilt walkers make excellent greeters as they really mark a focal point. We have themes to suit formal events, like a living red carpet as well as great gatsby themed stilt walkers. Sure to elevate any party goers experience and perfect for photo opportunities.


Specialty Stilt Walking


On top of our stilt walking we can add LED and other specialty costumes on Stilts. We even hula hoop on stilts!

Fire performing stilt walkers are available when booking a team of fire performers.

Peg Leg stilt walkers are also available to book per request.

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