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Interactive Services

Impress your guests with a unique service like Aerial Bartending, Champaign Skirts, or Themed Shot girls. Our entertaining servers are sure to elevate your event and will complement any event theme with customized costuming and embellishments. Get creative, guests will love receiving party favors, snacks, or drinks by a circus performer. 


Party Favors

Have us distribute party favors, balloons, noise makers, etc. We can pass out items from above on stilts or on the ground as a strolling table.

Shot girl and champagne services are also available.


Champaign Skirts

Champaign skirt servers make a lasting impression and are a wonderful addition to cocktail hours.

Champaign skirts can easily roam indoors or outdoors throughout the venue. Recommended for larger, more open spaces.

Aerial Bartending

Aerial bartending will take your event over the top. Guests will be sure to make and capture memories of our aerial dancers gracefully serving drinks from above. Its a real Gatsby moment!

Acrobatic bartending from a structural support I beam, our Aerial Rig, or from our Freestanding Lollipop.

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