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Living Art, Dancers, and Showgirls

Bring your theme to life with ambient performers or highlighted featured acts. Choose from something we've already created or let me curate something just for you.


Living Statue

Goddess living statues in Gold

Red Rose Diva

Mermaid Antique

Living Red Carpet

Bubble Fairies




Add sparkle to your night with lavish showgirls. Showgirls can be excellent greeters, they will love posing for pictures with guests, and are the perfect addition particularly for event themes like Gatsby, Carnival, and Burlesque.




Dancers of all types, whats right for your event?

Hip Hop, Ballerinas, Flappers, Go-go dancers, burlesque performers.

Dancers can be solo or in a group. Acts can be ambient or performed to a music track.

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